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Stage 1 Holley 2BBL Modifications

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Stage 1 Holley 2BBL Modifications


Our Price: $429.00


  • Machine body surfaces for maximum gasket seal
  • Install Anti Pullover System (APS) to eliminate fuel siphoning from accelerator pump nozzle at high RPM
  • Position boosters precisely in center of venturi for best flow and equal signal
  • Balance all metering passages, then resize and modify for optimum fuel curve, including:
  • Emulsion, High Speed Air Bleed, Idle, Idle Air Bleed, Main Well, Main Well Exit, Power Valve, Transition
  • Install hi-flow .130" needle and seat for consistent fuel delivery and float bowl volume
  • Remove and block all vacuum ports and choke hardware
  • Assembled with reusable gaskets for ease in tuning and service
  • 1 YR warranty all parts and labor