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Stage 2 Holley 2BBL Modifications

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Stage 2 Holley 2BBL Modifications


Our Price: $549.00


  • Same as Stage 1 plus:
  • Resulting Airflow = 535CFM
  • Will pass gauge test if carburetor is not removed from intake manifold
  • Machine baseplate throttle bore to 1-3/4" an increase of .0625" over stock.
  • Blend lower venturi to match larger throttle bore. Upper venturi remains stock to pass gauge test.
  • Increases maximum airflow and promotes better fuel distribution to end cylinders
  • Choke tower is removed with Bridgeport vertical milling machine to increase air flow, and balance air flow of primary and secondary venturis. This promotes increased high rpm horsepower. This is a no cost option however an optional electric choke can be
  • Throttle shaft thinned to reduce area and increase peak airflow capacity, stainless button head screws used to secure throttle blades