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Carburetor Specification Form

Please fill this form out as complete as possible. The better the information, the better we we can build your carburetor.

C.I. Brand Year Number of Cylinders
Comp. Ratio Notes
Iron/Aluminium Brand Year
Valve Sizes Int. Exh. Ported (Y/N)
If ported, detail work
Style Brand

Duration @.050 Valve Lift
Int. Exh. Int. Exh.

Lobe Separation Angle Rocker Arm Ratio
Installed Deg
Intake Manifold Brand Style
Ported? Model
Exhaust Manifold Style Header Pri. Tube Dia.
Collector Dia Brand
(Ex. Tri-Y, 180, Shortie)
Full Exhaust Y/N
If so, Pipe Dia.


Style Brand
Desired Boost Level
If Turbo
Vehicle Year/Make/Model Weight
Transmission Torque Converter Stall Speed
Torque Conv. Dia. Axle Gears
Tire Size Altitude Range ft to ft
Use of vehicle

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